The photos below are from a dive to the Ostfriesland depth 380ft. Underwater images are from video taken by Rick Atkins during our dive. To see the Ostfriesland in her prime click here

Tom Sawicki came over and helped me take all the gear to the boat.

Christina and Jackie get ready to dive the wreck and tie in.
Charlie Johnson watches. Bill Ripley's scooter he used on his dive to the wreck.
These are the scooters that Tom, Dave, Rick, and JT used to dive the wreck.. Charlie Johnson goes down to met Jackie and Christina.
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We were tied in on the mast. Tom follows me as I scooter under the wreck at 370ft.

Chain Dog Sharks were everywhere.

Thousands were laying on the hull.
This is one of the 5.9 inch guns, there are 14 total. The gun has been outlined to see better.
I untie as Tom watches and Rick shoots the video. Thanks to everyone who went.