The photos below are from our trip to Grand Bahama Island on June 1-4. We dived with Caribbean Divers in Freeport. Presley Knowles was our great Captain and Divemaster. This dive was on "Theo's Wreck" , max depth of 101 feet.
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This is Bill & Dawn Mills from FL, they are the "Super PaintBall Kings", so Nancy had to get in the photo with them. Their paintball site is , you can read a trip report by Bill : Click here for Bills Report ..Hey, its the dynamic duo!
.The Lucayan Reef resort we stayed at. ....and we go right on by it to get to the wreck.
It was a strong current and I told Nancy the fins were too big, so you can see what happened. Hey, how much can I get for ONE fin?
It's Bill and Dawn. Hey Dawn , the wreck is over to your left.
Hey, where did you get the FIN? Oh thats right "Presley got it for you". Dawn checks out the stern of the wreck.
Well Dawn, did you like it? I tried to get a shot of the prop.
Everyone heads for the up line. The capstan on the stern.
I look up and get a shot of everyone going up. Nice view of the tie in.
The stern.... The stack...
The stern again from 20 ft. Here is the number to call to get there.