The photos below are from an invitation to dive with VBtech on August 5th 2000.
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JJ sits and talks for a while after his presentation. JJ is kinda laid back.
He also went over deco planner some. We had to do it in the shop as it rained outside.
Christina Young got to the boat late on Friday night. Rick Atkins and his gang shows up.
Who would have guessed it, Christina and George get along. I had to get in the picture myself.
Hey, Todd and Allyson did this the last time. That's a lot of scooters.
George and Pina relax before the dive. We had scooters everywhere.
Christina takes a photo of me at the same time I take one of her. Hey guys, don't you wish you had this.
Debbie and Neal get ready to dive. MJB helps Christina while Tim checks his tables.